Just 22 Android copies of Monstaaa! sold in 3 weeks for Pixel Elephant

Maciej Sawitus, the developer behind Melbourne-based indie, Pixel Elephant, has written a series of blog entries on his latest mobile physics puzzle game called Monstaaa!. Monstaaa! was released in late June for the iOS to some favourable reviews from critics and gamers alike, with scores of 8/10 , 4.5/5, 4/5 on app review websites.

Free version of Fruit Ninja makes $400,000 a month on ads

Halfbrick Studio's popular Fruit Ninja game is proving to be a serious cash cow for the Brisbane based games developer. In addition to the licensing deals for Fruit Ninja related T-shirts, Gummy Candy & Fruit Snacks, plush toys, and now a comic series, the actual game itself is bringing in some considerable bank every month for both the free and paid mobile versions.

Triangle Man by Convict Interactive released for Desura Alpha Funding

Wollongong based indie developers, Convict Interactive, have just put Triangle Man on the Desura's Alpha Funding platform which means that for a heavily discounted price, you can try out the first 30 levels of their 2D punishment platformer right now and have a hand in moulding the future of Triangle Man.

Rugby League Live 2 announced, in development at Big Ant Studios

True Blue Entertainment have announced Rugby League Live 2 today and it looks fantastic! The newly released screenshots of it show off some really detailed and customisable player models, weather effects (where mud stains will stick on player's uniforms), all set in some very scenic looking stadiums too.

Why Black Lab Games pulled Star Hammer Tactics from the App Store and quit making games

In November 2011, gave Star Hammer Tactics on the iPad a glowing review with a four out of five star rating. Fast forward half a year later and you won't find it any longer in Apple's App Store, and the developer behind it is no longer working on games. What happened?

L.A Noire made twice more sales than Max Payne 3

When Team Bondi's L.A Noire was released in May 2011, its sales numbers was closely followed and inevitably compared with Rockstar's previous title, Red Dead Redemption. According to NPD data, LA. Noire sold around 900,000 copies in the U.S, or roughly 40% of RDR's sales figures, for its first months of sales.

Ski Safari is featured on the App Store

Well, it was only released yesterday for the iOS platform, but you may have noticed that Defiant Development's latest release, Ski Safari, is featured in the "New and Noteworthy" section on Apple's Appstore. It's also game of the week in the US which is excellent news and most deserving for such an incredibly fun and finely polished title.

Millipede releases Bullistic Unleashed with special launch price

Early last year, Melbourne based 'web for hire' game dev company, Millipede Creative Development, released an Angry birds-like game called Bullistic. They were inspired by Rovio's hit physics puzzler game as well as their own clients who frequently asked if they could develop an Angry Birds clone themselves.