Krome Studios a runner up in TrueAchievements' Game of the Year awards

Krome StudiosFull House Poker has been voted the Runner Up in’s Game of the Year in the “Best Card & Board Game” Category.

This is second annual “Game of the Year” voting, and this year over 135,000 total votes were cast by their international community in twenty categories.

Auran's Dark Reign remade and available on Xbox Marketplace

Magnetar Games has brought back Auran's popular 1997 RTS game, Dark Reign: The Future of War. The Canadian based developer made a deal to remake the game with publishing giant, Activision, to produce an accurate remake for the Xbox 360 console. It seems they had encounter a small hitch with bringing it to the Xbox Live Marketplace, but it looks to be all sorted out now...

Stalker online footage showcases BigWorld Tech

DSO Gaming has confirmed that this cloudy video production is of Stalker Online running on the BigWorld Tech engine. Stalker Online isn't related to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R ip, mind you, and has been worked on by another game developer entirely for quite some time. And while there are plenty of Stalker Online videos available for viewing on places like youtube, this particular new video stands out for its leap in visual aesthetics for the game, despite being filmed off another monitor.

Cubemen available on Desura via Alpha Funding

Cubemen is an original game that melds some of the core principles of Tower Defense and Realtime Strategy genres.

It’s the age old struggle between Good vs Bad, Blue vs Red, Little men vs Little men.

Use your own little Cubemen to defend your base from other little Cubemen that are trying to run it over. It’s the usual story, but with many very interesting twists.

LG shows off most frustrating way to play Fruit Ninja at CES 2012

Electronics giant, LG, showed off their new 3D Game Experience initiative at this year's CES show which looks to be a system that consists of a very Kinect-like looking camera for full body gesture control functionality and an App Store-like eco system for games to support the new peripheral. The demonstration showing at their booth could initially be mistaken for Fruit Ninja on the Xbox 360 with Kinect except for two main factors.

SubTub - iPhone/iPad Game Launching Thursday

Melbourne-based developer SpaceGum will release its new game SubTub this Thursday 15th December. The game is a casual arcade game where you control a little sub with unlimited mines and must clear over 70 levels in the required time.

The game enemies include destroyers, battleships, jets, helicopters and their are countless obstacles such as rubber duckies and mud in you way to make things tricky. There are hidden trophy levels to unlock also.

Uppercut Games releases EPOCH for iOS

Uppercut Games, the new indie studio formed by Ed Orman, Andrew James and Ryan Lancaste, promises to bring AAA quality to mobile and downloadable games. With a combined experience of 38 years in games development and past titles including Fallout: Tactics, Freedom Force, Tribes: Vengeance, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and XCOM credited to their names, it would seem that AAA quality games is in their genetics.

True Axis and their three+ year iOS port of Space Tripper

Three and a half years seems like an unusually long time to port a game to the mobile platform, but that's apparently how long it took Melbourne games developers, True Axis. has been following the progress of bringing PomPom Games' indie PC horizontal shooter, Space Tripper, to the iOS platform (iPhone, iPod, and iPad). Originally slated for release in early 2009, the title has had a long slog in development with numerous issues encountered by the then two member team at True Axis.