Locally developed Bullistic game proving popular in App Store

At first glance, the App Store game Bullistic bears a striking resemblance to the popular physics based game, Angry Birds.

Bullistic was developed by Melbourne digital media company, Millipede. They create a whole range of stuff for many kinds of clients, from concept art, illustration, and design work, to Flash games and apps for educational / E-learning or marketing purposes. They also do front end and backend work for websites.

New de Blob 2 trailers are freakin awesome

There's one worthy thing to note about Blue Tongue Entertainment's de Blob, apart from being an awesome game itself, and that is that the promotion for de Blob came with some highly humorous and incredibly gorgeous cinematics as well.

Publisher THQ has continued the fine tradition by commissioning these two new trailers below in anticipation of the launch of the follow up, de Blob 2, which comes out late next month!

Flight Control hits all-time top paid iPhone apps list with nearly 4 million sales

Apple have unveiled a page within iTunes which displays the top ten downloaded apps of all time as the appstore races towards hitting the 10 billion apps downloaded milestone.

The top ten lists are categorised by platform and whether they are paid or free apps, but the category we're most interested in is the All-Time Top Paid iPhone Apps category simply because Flight Control, by Melbourne's Firemint, has hit the #10 spot in that list.

N3V Games raises $2,000 for QLD flood victims with Runes of Magic

The folks at N3V Games who launched their fundraising campaign for the Queensland Premiers Flood Relief Appeal have announced they've raised nearly $2,000 for the cause. 50% of the revenue spent on in-game items by players of the free-to-play multiplayer online game, Runes of Magic, will be donated to the appeal.