'Draw: The Showdown' Now for sale!

Now available on the AppStore!

'Draw: The Showdown' is a western themed, on-the-rails shooter set in brutal town of Coyote. The game boasts a very impressive art style, addictive randomized gameplay and allows for full customization of your character!

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Creating the world of EPOCH

Andrew James, Director at new Canberra-based games start-up, Uppercut Games, has given a sneak peek of some gorgeous concept art and in-game shots of their UDK engine powered iOS game, EPOCH. Andrew, who was previously Art Director at 2K Marin Canberra, describes how the team desired to create new and original worlds in their games, and how the setting of EPOCH was what drew the team to choose it for their first title.

Indie Game Preview: Captain Skyro

Ahoy there!

In theme of International Talk Like a Pirate day (September 19), Team Pok Pok would like to share with you a preview of their new indie mobile game, Captain Skyro.

You can check out the preview on Youtube here:

Captain Skyro takes you on a swashbuckling adventure of pirates, treasure and challenging enemies as you climb your way into the sky.

Automation, The Car Company Tycoon Game, goes crowd funding

When I saw some footage of Automation a few months ago, it blew me away. A tiny team of local Melbourne indie developers are creating something so detailed, different, and innovative in a genre which really is known more for its constant iteration and refinement. There are plenty of games that are tailored for racing fans, particularly for those into the simulator side of racing. Automation, however, is a simulator slanted specifically towards the car aspect side of things.

The Paper Fox crowdfunding

Former Krome Studios environment artist, Jeremy Kool, is looking into crowdfunding for his children's picture book app called The Paper Fox, with the hope of releasing it for iPad and Android tablets. Jeremy's sister is a published fiction author who'll be handling the story side of the project, and Jeremy is modelling all the art assets in a very unique looking and gorgeous papercraft / origami style.

Video of The Avengers game, by THQ Studio Australia, makes brief appearance

Well, I guess you had to be fairly quick to see this. Not long after word had spread that there was a 1 minute and 20 second long video showing off some animation from THQ Studio Australia's The Avengers game was up on the internets, Marvel Entertainment stepped in and pulled it offline. The footage apparently showed off Thor, Captain America and Hawkeye in action and was uploaded as an animation showcase by a former senior animator from the Brisbane studio.

Firemint releases their third big title, Spy Mouse

It's certainly been a long wait for a new original title by the studio that brought us Flight Control and Real Racing, but Melbourne based developers, Firemint, have released their long awaited new title, Spy Mouse. It's been two years in the making, and as you can see, it boasts some incredibly beautiful and stylish art, typically appropriate music, and it features the intuitive line-drawing mechanics pioneered by their breakout title, Flight Control.

MacGuffin's Curse by Brawsome is coming to Steam, this Halloween

Independent games developer, Brawsome, have announced that their Sokoban inspired puzzle adventure game, MacGuffin's Curse, is coming this Halloween to everyone's favourite PC digital distribution service, Steam on October the 27th. While a trailer is coming, they've released a few new screenshots of the game for the meantime.

Uppercut Games announces "EPOCH" for iOS devices

New independent game studio, Uppercut Games, have just announced their first game, Epoch. While a specific release date has yet to be confirmed, the action-combat game is headed towards iOS devices during the fourth quarter of 2011.

Epoch is powered by the Unreal Engine and is looking pretty impressive so far. A trailer has been released showing off some of the frantic action, while Uppercut Games are promising the following features...