Why it took seven years to make L.A Noire, and what's next for Team Bondi have conducted a highly interesting interview with Team Bondi founder, Brendan McNamara, with questions touching on the long development time of L.A Noire, why it changed hands from Sony to Rockstar, and Rockstar's involvement in its development.

So why did it take a whopping seven years to complete L.A Noire when it was initially predicted to only take three? McNamara puts it down to a number of things, but it's mostly due to the team underestimating the huge job they had at hand. From 1up...

Revisiting Surfer Girl's L.A Noire exposé from 2007

Let's cast our minds back to the year 2007 when an anonymous blogger called Surfer Girl came out of nowhere and made an enormous splash by claiming to have insider knowledge on games that were secretly in development. And in 2007, there was no other game more secret that Team Bondi's L.A Noire.

L.A Noire is the 'only' game Hideo Kojima is looking forward to

Hideo Kojima, VP of Konami Digital Entertainment, is eagerly awaiting the release for Team Bondi's detective thriller, L.A Noire. In fact, he has such high expectations for it that he's described it as the ONLY game he is looking forward to, and he's willing to wait out the extra two months after the initial May release for the Japanese translated version.

Monster Dash sales spike as Halfbrick utilises OpenFeint's new cross promotion feature

All eyes are on Halfbrick Studios and the success of their early adoption of a new cross-promotion feature offered by social gaming network, OpenFeint. In what will surely become the latest of many strategies for game app developers to get more consumer eyes on their releases, OpenFeint's Developer Announcements feature allows developers to promote their other titles to gamers whilst in-game. With a simple tap of a promo, gamers are able to immediately install and play the new game.

Heavy Rain creator calls Team Bondi's MotionScan tech 'an interesting dead end'

Heavy Rain, a 2010 Playstation 3 exclusive gritty film noir adventure game which relied heavily on quicktime events, was promoted as pushing the boundaries for virtual actors in video games. Heavy Rain boasted a high level of performance realism, with full motion body capture, facial capture, as well as the likeness of the actor performing those actions, far beyond what had been previously accomplished in games. Those boundaries are set to be surpassed with the upcoming release of Team Bondi's detective thriller, L.A Noire.

Halfbrick Studios reveal Machinegun Jetpack at GDC

Halfbrick Studios is bringing out a new title for Apple iOS devices called Machinegun Jetpack. It stars the familiar Barry Steakfries character who appears in their previous iOS games, Monster Dash, as well as Age of Zombies. The gameplay shares some familiarity to Monstar Dash in that it is also a runner game, so expect to be making your way through an endless, randomly generated level and avoiding all the enemies and trappings that come at you.

Firemint announces Agent Squeek

Any new game announcement from Firemint is always anticipated, given the high standard of quality titles from the Melbourne games studio and for the fact that they've only released two titles for the iOS devices so far since the launch of their original 2009 hit title, Flight Control. Firemint certainly haven't been sitting on their laurels, however, as they've been preoccupied since with the big productions and highly acclaimed titles of Real Racing and Real Racing 2, as well as the many platform ports and updates of Flight Control.