Rockstar to release L.A. Noire trailer on Thursday

Announced by Rockstar Games just over an hour ago is the news that the publisher will be showing off the first proper trailer for Team Bondi's 1940's era detective thriller game, L.A Noire, on Thursday, this week in the video section of the Rockstar website.

An early preview trailer for L.A Noire, a game which has been in production since 2004, was released back in 2006 which you can see below.

Little Things by KlickTock on sale now for 99c

Just a reminder for everyone that Melbourne Indie developer, KlickTock, is having a sale for their well received hidden object game, Little Things, which will continue for a lowered price until this Saturday, October 30.

You can get it for just 99 cents on the Apple Appstore for the next five days, so if you haven't had the chance to check it out, here's the perfect opportunity!

Little Things, iPad App of the Week - 6th August 2010

Digital Mob announces its upcoming indie game for the PC, Cannonball Clash

From the around the roughest seas right to your PC, join Scurvy Steve and his scallywag mate as they battle it out like you have never experienced before. Players will be thrown into the fray as they dodge, trip and slap their way out of the trickiest of situations. From all directions cannonballs will be blasted your way, out do your opponent by avoiding them in the most deceptive way possible. Remember its every man for themselves! Be the last man alive and prove that you are the toughest of them all!

Jolly Rover on sale for $4.99 for the next few days

Jolly Rover, the point and click graphic adventure game by Melbourne indie outfit, Brawesome, is on sale to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. As most of you should know by now, Jolly Rover received the Best Australian Game at FreePlay 2010, the independent games developer conference held just recently in Melbourne. You can nab Jolly Rover NOW for the extraordinary price of just $4.99! Hurry fast, this offer ends in a few days!

Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja surpasses 2 million sales

Noah Kravitz from cornered Halfbrick Studios CEO, Shaniel Deo, for a brief Q&A during an exhibition at the Appnation "show me the money" conference held at San Francisco held for the last two days. During the interview, the Halfbrick CEO revealed some rough sales numbers for Fruit Ninja, their popular appstore game for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, as well as showcased the new upcoming mode for the game.

The Incident by Big Bucket Software

It's always a great delight to discover great Apple Appstore games that turn out to have been locally developed. The Incident is one such title, a collaborated effort by Perth-based Big Bucket Software and an artist based in the U.S...

Big Bucket is a small software house based in Perth, Australia. It was formed with an aim to create small and easy-to-use Mac OS X applications.

Flight Control hits 3 million App Store sales mark

What started off as one of many concepts developed by Firemint CEO's Rob Murray during the 2008 Christmas / New Year holiday break has turned out be a one of the great success stories on the Apple Appstore. Firemint have just announced that Flight Control has hit a whopping 3 million sales for the iPhone and iPod.

Even after 18 months of release, Flight Control fans will enjoy more free updates with support of Apple's new Game Center features coming and other additional extras in the pipes. Congratulations Firemint!