Manic Game Studios releases Critical Mass



Big congratulations to the two-man-team at Adelaide independent games development studio, Manic Game Studios, for completing their first title, Critical Mass! Critical Mass puts an interesting 3D spin on the match 3 type of game style with plenty of interesting modes available. Do yourselves a favour and grab it for your PC from Steam, Impulse Driven or via their website on the 20th (next week!!).

(Press Release)

Manic Game Studios, an independent team of two is announcing the release of their first title Critical Mass. The game will be available for purchase through Steam, Impulse Driven and on June 20th with a special offer for Steam users of 10% off the regular price during the first week of availability.

Critical Mass is an action puzzle game that takes the traditional match 3 game style and brings it into the world of 3D. The game combines fast addictive gameplay with strategy to create a new and innovative play experience. With 3 levels of difficulty and 4 distinct game modes, Critical Mass aims to entertain everyone from new gamers to hardened veterans.

The game is available for PC only on release with plans to expand to Mac and iOS in the near future.

Video Trailer:

About Manic Game Studios

Manic Game Studios is an Australian independent game developer. The team consists of two members, James Barrie is the Creative Lead and Matthew Edmondson is the Technical Lead. They both have a strong background in the Arts and Computer Science, originally working in the areas of Web Development and Systems Analysis in the Telecommunication industry before founding Manic Game Studios.