Playable open beta of SlipStream by Brisbane students, SlipStream Studios


SlipStream Studios from Brisbane comprise of five university students attending Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and their final project is a multiplayer Mario Kart-esque racing game called SlipStream...

SlipStream is a strategic racing game where cars leave elemental trails which can be driven on to gain speed boosts depending on the elements.

The team has informed us that the game is currently at an open beta stage of development, but they plan to continue as indie developers working on SlipStream after they graduate. Because SlipStream was developed with the Unity game engine, they've made available a web version so you can have a go yourself in your browser, provided you have the Unity web plugin.

Alternatively, you can also download the installer and install it on your computer.

It comes highly recommended that you play with between three to six friends, so why not give it a go and give these guys some feedback either here or at the indiedb forum!!

Try out SlipStream at


Simon Unity's picture

Hey, as I'm a unity developer I though I'd give it a go and see what other people are doing.

I did like you said and had heaps of fun trying this today @ a LAN.

It seemed like there where internet servers coming up, that we couldnt join or no servers at all . . Will this game become internet supported in future?

Terry's picture

Wow this is really cool! Such good graphics! I checked out the IndieDB site too..looks like its growing..Go Australia for Indie!

Brendan (dev)'s picture

Thanks for the interest and comments everyone.

Simon, we're still working on further internet-play features, with many more on the whiteboard. Hopefully in the future we can have proper server support, friend lists, and other goodies, and that will drive a much larger push for the game (meaning more games you can join). For now it's primarily a game that works it's absolute best in a LAN setup.

If you're interested in how we're using Unity, send an email to and perhaps we could write something up.