Big Block Games releases Goblin War Machine



The super talented blokes over at Big Block Games have released their latest game, Goblin War Machine! The side scrolling action game features a whole lot of insane vehicular destruction, with a customisable vehicle which you can fit for even more destruction. There's a whole lot happening in the game with many things to shoot or avoid, as well as achievements, bonuses and score multipliers to be had. Collect as many human kills as you can for 'skulls' credits which can be used to purchase items from the shops along the way.

It's got an awesome art style and it's available now for free on the iPad with an iphone version coming soon! If you don't have an iPad handy, you can try the game out via the Big Block Games website here.

A whole lot of additional levels, vehicle parts, new enemies, obstacles and features are available for Goblin War Machine with the expansion pack which can be purchased in-game. Grab Goblin War Machine at the App Store here!