Brisbane indie, Screwtape Studios, release Conduction for iPhone and Android



It's always great to hear of new local indie developers accomplishing their first title, so it's an absolute pleasure letting you all know that Brisbane indie dev, Screwtape Studios, have completed their first title are have simultaneously released it onto the App Store and Android marketplace. The game is a puzzle game call Conduction, and you can check out the trailer just below. So what's Conduction all about? From the promo...

Conduction is the ADDICTIVE puzzle game that's easy to pick up and play but impossible to put down. Tap groups of conductors to clear the screen and you better do it FAST because once the screen is full, it's game over!Features two unique game modes!

In arcade mode, keep destroying the conductors until they fill the board, you'll need some quick fingers to keep up, or it'll be game over before you know it!

In puzzle mode, scratch your head and solve the puzzle, conduct the colors wrong an you'll have to start again! An ELECTRIFYING mix of puzzle and action, Conduction is the puzzle game you've been waiting for!

It's only $1.19, so why not grab yourself a copy now?