MacGuffin's Curse development updates from Brawsome


Melbourne independent games developer, Brawsome, are following up their award winning "Best Australian Game" (Freeplay 2010) Jolly Rover title with a very promising new project, MacGuffin's Curse, and they're blogging a whole lot of stuff about it! Want pictures and behind the scenes development stuff? You've got it.

MacGuffin's Curse is a puzzle adventure which shares similarities to Sokoban but contains an added mix of character switching mechanisms and a healthy does of story and adventure. It's coming out for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. The team have shared their thoughts on Vertical Slices and expressed how important they were for their previous title. They've been working diligently away on a very polished vertical slice of MacGuffin's Curse as they've explained "it could mean the difference between getting successful distribution and disappearing into obscurity".

Their latest update is about quality feedback. Andrew Goulding, founder and Brawsome programmer, describes the difference between quality feedback and bad feedback, which is not to be confused between positive and negative feedback. From the blog...

(Andrew) Quality feedback comes from someone who has genuinely taken the time to play and understand your game. It is well thought out and useful. Empty feedback is quick and dirty and doesn't require much thought or time.

If you're an indie developer, be sure to follow their progress via the Brawsome website and keep up to date with all the Brawsome news via their twitter at @brawsome !