Gamecock tried to delay Fury

Gamecock, the publisher who handled the distribution and marketing of Auran's Fury in North America has spoken out about the ill-fated title. Gamecock CEO, Mike Wilson, says that Gamecock won't hurt too badly over the PvP MOG and will likely recoup their investment eventually, but they had tried to delay the release of Fury because it "wasn't ready"...

(Wilson) .... Auran had much more at stake. “Those guys had everything invested in this game, and really gave it a great effort.”

David Gillespie on Aurans Demise

Ex Auran game designer and producer, David Gillespie, has chimed in on the whole Fury / Auran liquidation saga at his blog, expressing his sorrow for the studio he once worked two and a half years for. David, who was part of the team that pitched the original idea of Fury, described some of the culture and history behind Auran games, as well as the turbelant path of Fury...

Auran undergoing liquidation

I have some news from very reliable sources that receivers have walked in and shut Auran down just hours ago. It's a dreadful end to one of Australia's pioneer game developers, founded back in January 1995. More news as we have it.


Someone has posted what looks like an official response from Auran CEO, Tony Hilliam, about the closure of Auran (also seen at Kotaku AU)...

Auran: the facts

Fury free to play forever

Tony Hilliam, talking to Kotaku, has announced a new business model for Fury, allowing players to play without a monthly subscription fee. This comes with the release of the Age of the Chosen update.

Players who are playing for free will be playing in Chosen mode, and will accumulate gold and essence at a reduced rate and also won't be able to trade items with other players. Players can pay to upgrade to Hero mode which can increase the gold and essence gather rate. They can also buy gold directly from Auran.

Auran in crisis mode? (found via Kotaku AU) has reported the rumour that Auran is facing financial difficulties and has begun shedding many staff members yesterday afternoon, with more to come today. It's believed that the company had banked heavily on Fury's success, but the claim is that Fury has met with disappointing sales. From Angry Gamer...

(Auran)... has told its staff to look for other jobs and that they cannot guarantee employment past this week.