Tony Hillman discusses Auran's new 'PVPMMOG', Fury

In the interview, Tony hints at a new business model for Fury, which he describes as ?quite innovative?, and will be unlike the traditional subscription based, pay-to-play, of the mainstream MMOG's such as World of Warcraft, but kept his cards close to his chest regarding this, saying there would be an announcement "soon".

Tony also predicts that Fury will bring a AU$100 million export return for Australia, based on their getting several hundred thousand subscribers, coupled with their innovative business model.

Gamespot Interviews Auran CEO Tony Hilliam

Gamespot has an interesting interview up with Tony Hilliam, CEO of Brisbane developer Auran. The questions put forward to Tony include the signing up of Fury with publisher Gamecock, the Battlestar Galactica game they're developing for Xbox Live Arcade, and future plans for their Trainz franchise. It's a pretty good summary of what Auran is up to at the moment!

Auran Developing Battlestar Galactica Game

Sierra Online (owned by Vivendi) has officially announced a game (with both online and single player components) based on the popular TV series, Battlestar Galactica. It's being developed by none other than those busy people over at Auran Games on Xbox Live and PC for a planned release later this year. Fans of the TV show who have access to Xbox Live can download some Battlestar Galactica content onto your Xbox 360 right now!

Fury Alpha Testers Required

Auran needs your help to make their greatly anticipated MMORPG Fury the best it can be. Alpha Testers are currently being recruited to test the current build of the game, and report on any bugs or issues that are discovered.

If you're interested in enlisting, head over to the related link. Remember to read through all the terms, make sure you agree to them, and also ensure that your system meets the required specifications.