Aurans plans for Trainz


Queensland developers, Auran, have revealed what they are working on, which should bring a lot of joy to their Trainz fans.

"Coming this November is the "Ultimate Trainz Collection". The team have been toiling away at creating new scenarios, new content, new routes and cool new features and these have been combined into a massive "Ultimate Trainz Collection" pack that will be available in time for Christmas. "UTC" will also ship with Trainz Paint Shed, a host of new paint shed templates, most of the content that was planned for Collection Pack 1 plus a couple of surprises...

The second major release announcement is that Trainz Yardmaster has been scheduled for release in mid 2003. "T.Y." will have even more features than our original concept and will also include a user-friendly scenario editor as well as some major performance optimisations."

So now you know!! :)