tsumea upgrade in progress

Just a brief message letting you all know that we're currently going through some website upgrades at the moment, so things will look relatively quiet this week. We're updating a whole bunch software on the server and we need to back up all our databases, settings, and gigabytes of files and data before we upload them back onto the server again once the updates are complete.

tsumea is back

Ok, well that update didn't go quite as smoothly as I had hoped!

Without boring you with all the details, there was a whole lot that didn't get updated or migrated over properly, so a crazy lot of database update queries and mind numbing manual work was needed just to get the site back to where it is now.

The Australian Amiga Demo Scene archive

Did anyone here own an Amiga between the late 80's and mid 90's? Did you use to connect to your local BBS and download demos with your 2400 or 9600 baud modem through your telephone line? Do the demo group names Decay, Cydonia, Pearl, Digital Access, or Punishers mean anything to you?

If you answered yes to all those questions, then this will definitely be of interest to you!

tsumea is proud to announce that we are now hosting Ozscene - The Australian Amiga Demo Scene archive!

We made it on TV once

Control Freaks was a regular Channel 7 TV show that appeared on our sets back in 2002 when games coverage on local tv was a scarcity. I think it may have been the first ever gaming show on local TV. Control Freaks piqued our interest since they began to fit in coverage of the local games development industry with their games reviews and gaming news. On their very first show, they were promised a tour and interview Ratbag games, so we saw fit to make a post about it on Sumea.

Local game developers, let me know your youTube channels!

For those who may have not noticed, I've been working on sprucing up the media section on tsumea so it's a lot more useful and easier to use than before, and there's some extra functionality in the backend which will grab local dev related content as well. All the latest youTube members we've subscribed to from our own channel are checked regularly for new videos, and if any are found, they're automatically added to our media section and our front page.