Play It Again - a preservation project for local 1980s computer game titles

"Play It Again" is a local game history and preservation project with moving image and game archive partners, funded under the ARC Linkage scheme. We are compiling titles of 1980s computer games written in AU or NZ, whether published or not. Currently, we have some 700 AU titles and some 200 NZ titles, but we reckon there are probably many more we have missed.

Mycosm, a real-time 3D visualisation and simulation platform, released

Simmersion Holdings Pty Limited, Canberra, Australia, has recently launched Mycosm, a real-time 3D visualisation and simulation platform.

Mycosm provides a great real-time 3D add-on for 3ds Max users and those that want to build interactive environments. The workflow is smooth, especially for 3ds Max users who can import fully animated models through fbx. Mycosm provides the ability to connect to SQL data bases, via Python script.

A free 33 day evaluation download of Mycosm Studio is available at the Mycosm website.

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Epic releases free Unreal Development Kit

Australian game developers have had a rather mixed bag of success when it comes to the Unreal engine. Irrational Games (now 2K Australia) has perhaps the most Unreal engine related success with their Unreal 2 powered Tribes 2 game, although unfortunately sales were just in the tens of thousands. Auran did not fare any better with Fury, which was running on what was the new Unreal Engine 3 at the time.

Unity engine goes *FREE*

Indie developers rejoice, as Unity (the popular multi-platform gaming solution) has abolished their independent license version of the engine and are making it available for free! It looks like the recent $5 million injection of investment has been an influential factor behind this decision, and it's likely to push the popularity of Unity as a game development and publishing tool way beyond many of its competitors.

FMOD team up with Garage Games

Firelight Technology's FMOD, the choice for many developers for creation and playback of interactive audio in their games, is one step closer to world domination. After winning Game Developer magazine's 2008 Front Line award for best Audio Tool, Firelight have decided to team up with Garage Games and is offering FMOD EX for a super cheap $100 (US) if you're an indie Torque developer. FMOD EX for commercial Torque developers can snag FMOD EX for a measley $500, which is a huge discount from the standard FMOD EX commercial license.

Big Ant digs PhyreEngine

Big Ant Studios has provided some assuring words for Phyreengine which is included in the announcement by Sony on the latest version of the games development framework. was announced at the GDC, and Sony's press release contained the following word bytes from the Melbourne based developer...

Unity 2.5 released

I know news has been a bit quiet lately, but this is one many have been waiting for. Unity 2.5 is here! Judging by the extreme slowness of their website, it looks like the Unity website is getting hammered by many, many visitors curious to check out the latest version of the cross platform game development engine and tools.