Straylight releases their Virtual Kitchen Training Environment


New Zealand training games developer Straylight Studios has announced the release of their Serious Game, the Virtual Kitchen Training Environment, a 3D training simulator for the kitchen.

In the game, players are walked through a day in the life or a real world kitchen. Undertaking tasks such as thawing meats, baking pies and preparing sandwiches. Throughout the process players must observe proper health and safety rules, such as cleaning down benches and making sure food is the correct temperature.

Not only has the game quickly found a first client, but already it is attracting accolades from industry, being announced as a finalist in the Computerland Excellence Awards in the category of Innovative Use of IT.

The Kitchen is being commercialised by partner company The Street, whose CEO Nigel Kirkpatrick has heard nothing but glowing reviews for the product as he takes it to the international market. ?It's fantastic to see such innovative technology coming once again from our small yet significant country,? Mr Kirkpatrick said. ?It's becoming very obvious very quickly that there is a massive opportunity for Serious Games, especially in the compliance space.?