VastPark announces the opening of its public tools


(Media Release)

(April 11, 2008) – VastPark, a highly interactive platform that is geared towards the easy creation of games and virtual worlds, announces that today marks the opening of its public tools.

"Today marks the culmination of many, many hours spent architecting and prototyping a new type of system, built primarily for the purpose of creating and deploying Virtual Experiences,” says Craig Presti, Lead Developer at VastPark. “This release of the tools is an early look at how some of those many hours have transpired, with a number of innovations still to be integrated into future releases”.

VastPark are publicly releasing a number of tools: a Browser for viewing the virtual experience dynamically, a Viewer for viewing the virtual experience in a static and controlled environment, an Asset Publisher which allows users to publish content online, VastServer with real-time multiuser interaction including the release of the source code and the Creator displaying both improved functionality and interface.

These public tools will be used during VastParks second stress test taking place at 8.00-8.30am PDT, Tuesday, 22nd April.