FMod takes out best audio tool in Front Line Awards 2008


Congratulations are in order for Melbourne's Fightlight technologies who took out first place in the Audio Tool category in the Front Line Awards for 2008 with their flagship audio suite, Fmod Designer 4.17.

The Front Line Awards, which aims to give recognition to the tools that developers use to assist in their work, has been established for over a decade and is voted upon by the Game Developer magazine and Gamasutra reader polls.

The nominations for the best Audio Tool category in for 2008 are:

Vivox Precision Studio v.2, Vivox
Wwise 2008.3, Audiokinetic
Fmod Designer 4.17, Firelight Technologies
Miles Sound System 7.2c, Rad Game Tools
Voice-O-Matic 2.6, Di-O-Matic

From Gamasutra...

"We're happy to finally announce the winners of the 2008 Front Line Awards," said Brandon Sheffield, editor-in-chief of Game Developer. "These awards show developers' appreciation for tools companies of all sizes, provided they’re useful and well-supported. Congratulations to both the winners and the finalists, and good luck for next year."