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Micro Forte Developing Christian game

AustralianIT has an article about a potential market for Christian games, revealing that Sydney based Micro Forte are working on something in that area...

"Micro Forte, an Australian game developer, is also working on a Christian game for the PC and Xbox, which is expected to include a lot more action, similar to the company's "Citizen Zero" combat game."

Micro Forte are also on Gamasutra forsimilar reasons...

BigWorld Pty Ltd to demonstrate BigWorld Technology Suite V1.6 at E3

(Los Angeles, E3 Expo) - BigWorld Pty Ltd will demonstrate the latest version of their market-leading MMOG software platform, BigWorld Technology Suite V1.6, at this year's E3. BigWorld Technology provides Massively Multiplayer Online Game studios with the ideal platform on which to build the next generation of large-scale online games.

New jobs at Microforte

Submitted by Chaos

Microforte and Big world have alot of new jobs posted. For their Canberra Studio...

- System Administrator
- Junior System Administrator
- Lead/Senior Server Programmer

Citizen Zero Pushed Back to Xbox 2?

An interesting PDF has been sent in which will interest those of you who have been following the development of Citizen Zero, the long awaited MMOAG by Sydney developers, Micro Forte. The PDF is a page scan lifted from the Question and Answer section of the Official Xbox Magazine (November issue). In it, a reader asks if there are any MMORPG releases on the horizon for the curent Xbox console. The answer given by the magazine...

Citizen Zero - What's Changed?

Thanks to Fips for letting us know that Paul McInnes (Lead Designer) has made another post Citizen Zero in the official forum. The topic of Paul's ramble this time is what has changed and what has been kept the same from the original Citizen Zero design. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Citizen Zero also makes an appearance on XBox Ign's list of promising and upcoming co-op games...

RPGVault Interview #3 with Paul McInnes

RPGVault have the third installment of their interview with Micro Forte lead designer, Paul McInnes, on all things about Citizen Zero...

"The game is in early alpha. We have been developing the technology for over five years now. We have been developing the game itself for two years on the Xbox, but we maintained the PC client as part of the BigWorld technology program and the game is fully playable on PC."

The RPGVault interview series with Paul on Citizen Zero have been extremely indepth and informative, so head on there to find out more!

2nd Half of Paul McInnes Interview on Citizen Zero

RPGVault has the second part of their interview with Micro Forte Lead Designer, Paul McInnes about Citizen Zero. (You can find the first part here).

It's a pretty exhaustive interview about Citizen Zero, ranging from it's goals, how it compares to other MMOGs, backstory story, to factions, and more. So if you want to know in detail what it's all about, I'm sure you'll greatley apppreciate the interview...