Microsoft announces deal with Microforte


Microsoft has just announced that they've signed a deal with Micro Fort? to make an exclusive title for the Xbox. You can have one guess as to which title that may be ;)

?REDMOND, Wash. -- Oct. 29, 2002 -- Microsoft Corp. today announced that Micro Fort?, which specializes in computer and console video games development, has signed a deal with Microsoft Game Studios to create an exclusive Xbox (TM) game to be published by Microsoft.
"Microsoft Game Studios seeks out the best developers in the world to partner with, and our relationship with Micro Fort? adds yet another high-caliber development house to our roster," said Ed Fries, vice president of Xbox Game Content at Microsoft. "I can't wait to see the results of its extraordinary game development skills combined with the power of the Xbox."

"With every new project, our goal is to push the envelope in game development. We believe Microsoft shares this philosophy and look forward to working with it to bring gamers even more stellar Xbox titles to enjoy," said John De Margheriti, president and CEO of Micro Fort?.

Founded in 1985, Micro Fort? is responsible for developing such critically acclaimed hits as "Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel," a squad-based, third-person tactical combat game with role-playing elements. In addition to creating the Australian Game Developers Conference and the Game Developers Association of Australia, the company founded the Academy of Interactive Entertainment Ltd. (AIE), one of Australia's top institutions for aspiring game developers.

After receiving a grant from the Australian government and after years of research, Micro Fort? developed BigWorld Technology, a revolutionary system that offers a unique approach to massive multiplayer online gaming. BigWorld provides developers with a solution that can save years of development time. An award-winning, highly scaleable, fully customizable platform, BigWorld Technology allows hundred of thousands of people to play in the same online world at the same time. It also solves the challenges of typical online gaming including bandwidth, load balancing and level of detail. Micro Fort?'s first product from Microsoft Game Studios will incorporate Big World Technology. Micro Fort? can be found on the Web at"

In other Microforte news, it seems they have picked up the 2002 ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards for Arts and Entertainment!