Micro Forté

Win a Wii party

With the Australian launch of Nintendo's new console just around the corner, the Herald Sun is giving you the chance to win the money-can't-buy-prize of being able to it out at Nintendo HQ in Melbourne.

Micro Forté is Hiring

Micro Forté has just started development on an exciting new online action project. Based out of their Canberra studio, they are currently in a huge ramp-up phase recruiting the best talent available.

Having just returned from a hugely successful international recruitment campaign in London, they are now looking for the best local Australian talent to join their newly created team. Current open positions include:

Citizen Zero Article Spotted!

XboxCore.com have a rather recent "preview" of Micro Forte's Citizen Zero up at their site. While the article itself doesn't really contain any new information on the game for those who've been following it over the years, it's still a nice summary on the game, the BigWorld engine that's running the show, and the company behind it all. If you've never heard of Citizen Zero, this is a nice place to start...

Citizen Zero Picture

I wish Micro Forte would release some sort of official statement on what is happening with Citizen Zero, but in the meantime, some chap has posted up a never-seen-before promotional picture of said game in the Citizen Zero forum thread of CZ pictures. The picture shows some of the futuristic environments, characters, and weapons this Massively Multiplayer Online Action Game promised. They're fantastic art assets indeed, and one wonders if they could've branched off and made an Unreal Tournament 2004 beater instead. Oh well, click for the picture!

Christian MMO by Micro Forte?

Gamespot has an article on the Fourth Annual Christian Game Developer's Conference which took place just recently in America. It's an interesting look at the surgance of Christian gaming and includes some comments by Micro Forte CEO, John De Margheriti, on his passion for religion and a Christian themed MMO game...

The Aussie, whose team has been hard at work on Citizen Zero, claims to be the only Christian in his company.

"We're not a Christian company - we make a lot of normal games. But it's a passion of mine to make a Christian MMO," De Margheriti said.