Tsumea Modeller Challenge #10 - Neutral Energy

Still juggling a few completely varied concepts, I'm trying to decide which one has the most character and stands out as opposed to the rest.

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*cough* crossbow machette launcher :D:D

....good luck chris :D

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Being all wrapped up in working on content for my demo reel which is due quite soon I never worked up the time to actually submit anything for this competition, seeming how I'll have it finished soon enough I decided I should actually put some stuff up. I've already finished my concept and started modelling last week, I'm creating a female of middle age whom is extremely talented with a sniper rifle, she is only referred to as "Wolf" and I'm still at a toss up for what the calling card will be, I'm stuck between dog tags and a riding hood at the moment.



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Here's the mesh for the Main Character, I'm working on a wolf companion for her now

7,896 Triangles thus far


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its lookin sweet so far, but i think there might be something wrong with the chest, it might be too long, or the breasts seem too low. i cant quite point it out from only seeing the front.

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Here's some different angles so you can see it better.

Tsumea10 Update 3

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This will changed as I add the Wolf Companion and the Weapon to the model but this is what I'm working with at the moment.

Tsumea10 Update 2

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Here's the latest Update as far as texturing goes, obviously anything bright blue is something I am yet to get around too.


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I still need to do some major work with the textures, especially the normal and specular maps, the skin isn't too bad as is and I'm thinking of taking some triangles out of the character and putting more into the wolf companion as it looks very poor in comparison.

Any critique would be much appreciated as I'm eager to start polishing up this character and send her out into the world.


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the character looks pretty sweet. The wolf as you said needs more polys, although if you take to much from the character it might break the silhouette. I would consider if the pet is a really nessary part to the character. If no then maybe drop it. keep tweaking those textures and it should look pretty sweet in the end

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I'm still fiddling with the story for her at the moment but the wolf is most likely going to be a directly related to her calling card, but nothing set in stone yet, thanks for the input.

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BUT... were is the normal map?

So yeah not sure if your going to add one or not.

The competition Rules do state there that it has to be a Normal mapped character.

Still nice work though.

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I like your design ! how many polys does she have ? because it seems a tad low poly.
If you cant make a normal map using a high poly model look into generating one from your texture with Crazybump or the photoshop filter so you don't get disqualified ! =D

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She is normal mapped and it is applied in that render but it doesn't really pop out unless I have the specular map applied, it needs a fair bit tweaking though as it doesn't account for the wolf and the weapon yet, a side effect of using crazybump as an overlay perhaps but yes it is there.

NORMals Update 01

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I need to re-work the silhouette a fair bit at the moment as I've been juggling triangles between the three objects to try and get consistent levels across the entire project, she's actually sitting on exactly 9,000 triangles. And yes I am using crazybump for the fine detail in the normal map and you can't really see the detail without the specular map applied, I should have that ready soon enough though.

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Okay here she is with a very cheap and quick specular map that encompasses all of the character, wolf and weapon, hopefully it's easier to see everything now.

Tsumea_Modeller10_Update 05