Tsumea Modeller Challenge #10 - Neutral Energy


From a very young age Scarlet's father would take her on regular hunting ventures in the forest outside
their estate, her father was a man highly placed within the Mafia and he had been identified without his knowledge by a local group of vigilantes as such, when she was merely seven years of age the vigilantes ambushed them when they were hunting. Scarlet's father was gunned down in front of her without warning, shocked and terrified she fled into the forest soon becoming lost and terribly alone.

Hours passed as she wound her way through the forest seeking a refuge from the horrors that now swam through her mind, a noise in the brush startled her putting her off guard when a lone wolf jumped out from behind and sought to end her, for minutes she struggled with the beast eventually killing it with her knife. Enraged now to near madness she cut the wolf's corpse up, skinned it and hung it over a tree bole. When morning came she awoke with a dark resolve and donned the wolf's skin and started moving out of forest, after several days she returned to estate and took up her father rifle and left that place vowing she would would have her vengeance.

Twenty Years have passed since that day and now she hunts within the
city with determination seeking to destroy those she believes to have destroyed her.