Transmission Games

Challenging times for employment in local games industry

Thuyen Nguyen, previously a game designer from Transmission Games, has written an insightful piece for Screenplay's Your Turn feature, describing some of his personal disappointments and hardships as a local game developer that has been let go after a major studio closure.

Finding another position has proven extremely difficult in the current downturn in the local industry for even someone with seven years of experience, and it has meant that Thuyen has had to enter another industry entirely for work...

Transmission Games let go a third of staff

Transmission Games, formerly IR Gurus, have recently shed a third of their staff. reports that the Melbourne studio is hitting some financial hardships and have had to let go of staff in a major cost cutting effort. 30 Transmission games employees, most of which were full-time programmers and Q&A staff, were shed from the company.

Ashes Cricket demo available on Xbox Live

If you have an Xbox 360 with a Live Gold membership (Silver members will be able to grab this in a few days), then you can grab Ashes Cricket demo to check out the latest sports offering from Transmission Games.

Having checked out the screenshots, I have to say it doesn't look too bad! The player models look quite good and I can definitely recognise some of the players in there. The stadiums are great as I'm sure Transmission Games are well used to modelling those things by now.

Trasmission Games working on Ashes Cricket 2009

Gamespot has reported that Transmission Games (formerly IR Gurus) is bringing cricket back to the masses. Not much has been heard from the Melbourne developers ever since the Heroes over Europe debacle, but it looks like Codemasters have got the Melbourne based developers busily working on a multi-platform cricket game called Ashes Cricket 2009.

Front-End/UI Flash Artist for Transmission Games

For over 10 years, Transmission Games (formerly IR Gurus), Australia's leading multi-platform game development studio, has been creating award-winning, top-selling games. From the globally successful equestrian titles to Heroes of the Pacific, with every product Transmission Games further demonstrates the company's commitment to delivering a high-quality game experience to their consumers.