Micro Forté

Microforte still hiring

A small thread on the Microfortes' Citizen Zero forums reveals that all their job openings still haven't been filled. These jobs are for their Sydney studio..

Specific Positions: (updated 8 October 2002)
Art Director
Concept Artist
Quality Assurance
Senior Designer
3D Modeller (2 positions still open)

Game Tools Programmer (1 position still open)
Senior Game Programmer (1 position still open)

MicroForte Fallout Tactics team

Haven't heard much news from Microforte recently, but I did find this interesting page on the team that developed their game Fallout Tactics : Brotherhood of Steel, released last year.. The site managed to get an interview with EVERY single one of them! :) Anyway, if you're planning to work at Microforte, here are some of the people you're likley be sitting next to. (I wouldn't want to piss off that Tariq guy though!)