Micro Forté

XboxWorld Interview with Paul McInnes

XboxWorld.com.au has a rather informative interview with lead designer, Paul McInnes, about the long awaited Micro Forte MMOG called Citizen Zero. Along with the many questions answered about gameplay issues, classes, and weapons, are the new bits of information which are of great interest to someone who's been following the development of CZ for the last few years...

Australian Game Development article in Animation Magazine

Micro Forte has a page scan of an article from Animation Magazine relating to the Australian game development scene up on their website. There's a variety of tidbits on everything about local game development, from government support, the thriving game education sector, a list of the biggest titles to come out of Australia which include games from the early days of Beam Software to the titles like Transformers (Atari Melbourne House) and Ty, the Tasmanian Tiger (Krome Studios) of today.

Lead Artist required for Micro Forte

Micro Forte is looking for a lead artist, who has strong artistic and technical skills in all the core art disciplines. Experience developing artwork for games on PC and console is essential. An ideal candidate would be a multidisciplinary artist with experience in concept art, modelling and texturing objects and environments with a very strong technical understanding of 3DSMAX5 or higher, and an ability to innovate to create the best possible visuals within the constraints of an MMOG game.

New Citizen Zero Screenshots

Xboxworld.xl managed to get some new screenshots of Citizen Zero from Sydney developers, Micro Forte. The never before screenshots show off again the very pretty forest area of the world, a snow landscape occupied with a walking mech, and also a busy city zone with tonnes of characters walking around. It's looking great! Thanks again to Fips for clueing us in on the news :)

Citizen Zero Hands-On at E3

Thanks to Fips for pointing out that IGN have a hands-on article on Micro Forte's Citizen Zero from the E3 conference... "CZ is Player versus Environment (PvE) oriented, and it uses "instances" for its missions. You won't be competing against other groups to kill a specific bad guy or get a specific item, as instancing transports you into a closed environment populated only by non-player characters and your teammates....

New Citizen Zero pictures

Some exciting times for Citizen Zero fans as E3 is underway, and more of Citizen Zero is revealed. 4 new screenshots have appeared in the Citizen Zero forums, showing off the graphics capability of Micro Forte's long awaited MMORPG. Certainly a lot of trees and some exciting action to be had! Thanks to Fips for letting us in the loop :).. Click the link below!