660,000 Australian PlayStation3 gamers at risk from Sony's security breach

Of the 77 million PlayStation accounts that were compromised from Sony's PlayStation Network last week, roughly 600,000 of those belong to Australian gamers. That's 65 percent of the 1.15 million Australian PlayStation3 owners who are registered on the network that are now at considerable risk of identity or credit card theft, security experts are warning.

Android platform continues to disappoint Halfbrick Studios

Pocketful of Megabytes has an insightful interview with Halfbrick Studios Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Larsen, about various aspects of the games released by the studio in recent times including their latest Xbox Live Arcade platform title, Raskulls. Their biggest hit, however, is Fruit Ninja, an arcade fruit slicing game which has amassed over 2 million sales on the Appstore for the iPhone and iPod.

Apple delays global roll-out of the iPad

Australian and New Zealand iPad game developers, I hope you've managed to somehow secure your new shiny Apple-made tablet for development, because Apple has announced that it will delay the global roll out of the iPad by one month. The iPad was launched in North America on the 3rd of April, with a promised launch everywhere else (well, mainly Spain, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Italy and Switzerland) a few weeks later on the 28th.

PSP Go is $50 cheaper than the PS3 in Australia

Kotaku AU has been keeping a keen eye out on the Australian prices for the new PSP Go and the PS3 slim products coming from Sony, and found themselves a bit astonished when the price was announced. From Kotaku AU...

Sony has confirmed the PSPgo will launch in Australia on October 1 and retail for $449.95. That's in line with the European price points, but considerably more expensive than the US.

It's also - remarkably - just $50 shy of the price of the new PS3 Slim.

Firemint cautious with PSPgo development

Firemint are taking a cautious approach with the new contender in the handheld market, the PSPgo, as a game development platform. Sony's latest gaming gadget is set to take on the iPhone and Nintendo dsi, although it seems Sony may find it tough getting independent developers on board for it.

In an article featured at, Firemint CEO, Rob Murray, talks about the differences in the games expected for the PSPgo compared to what's on the iPhone, and expresses some concerns on the barrier of entry for development on the PSPgo.

Well BAM, there it is

I don't know how they top themselves year after year, from giant enemy crabs, Riiiidge Racer (remember that one), to the awkward Warhawke controller presentation, there's always something to chuckle about regarding e3 presentations. This one is, however, quite honestly the funniest clip to ever come from e3.

WELL BAM there it is - REMIX from jaroshbarksdale on Vimeo.