Auran interview with Tony Hilliam

Adrenaline vault has an interview with Auran's Tony Hilliam., where some nice information about Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 in is revealed, with the train sim heading towards a goods and resources managing ala Tycoon type of game. Some other tidbits on the kind of community support that TRS2004 will offer, and how the idea of Trainz all came about.. Read the article over at Adrenaline Vault.

Auran's MMOG deal

AustralianIT reports that Queensland based Auran has scored a huge deal with a Korean publisher to develop a Massively Multiplayer Online Game. It's expected to be completed in 2 years, and marketed to Korea before it is unleashed to the rest of the world. Also worth noting is that the MMOG will be using Auran's popular Jet engine. Read all the details at AustralianIT.

Auran reveals new venture

Auran has revealed their new venture at the AGDC. They're holding a competition called "Next Years Game"..

"The aim of the competition is simple - create the most visually stunning, technically adept, fun and innovative game, game demo or game prototype by the competition's close.

The type of game, the style, story, characters and every other aspect of the game are completely up to you and your team. Auran and the sponsors want you to take the game of your dreams, turn it into a reality and win awesome prizes!"