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Matt & Yug have a feature article up at all about their visit to Auran and their game Fury. The guys received a guided tour of Auran's large workplace which conveniantly includes a kitchen and a quality soundstudio...

One of the most impressive things Auran had to show us was actually their sound equipment. It's one of the best studios in the Southern Hemisphere, and though we don't really know all that much about such things they sure had a lot of knobs and levers happening.

Fury Article at TheGameFeed is another website to write about the E3 surprise that is Auran's Fury. The article describes some of the major turn-offs in modern MMORPG's such as ganking, and how Auran will address those problems in Fury. Also mentioned are the character customisation possibilities, information about levelling up, and PvP...

About That N3V3RF41L Publishing Name

So are you curious to know where Auran got that N3V3RF41L Publishing name from? Well, you can point the finger to Auran director and executive producer of Fury, Tony Hilliam, for coming up with it...

"N3V3RF41L Publishing... is named after the Hilliam family's previous business Neverfail Spring Water which they sold to Coca-Cola."

The Courier mail has a short article on Auran's presence at E3 with some tidbits on their $10 million MMORPG called Fury. Auran are currently looking for more venture capital to fuel its development...

Auran Launches Fury Website

Auran have launched the website for their MMORPG called Fury where you can get a small taste of what the game will offer. There's not a whole lot there yet, apart from a couple of in-game screenshots along, some developer comments, and details about their presence at E3. There is a promised update when E3 arrives, so keep an eye out on the website til then!

Auran To Reveal MMORPG At E3

It's been known for quite a while from various news reports that Auran has been working away on an MMORPG. What has been revealed so far is that Auran, in a partnership with Korean company HanbitSoft, have invested $12 million and a team of 40 for over 3 years on a multiplayer online game that is set to compete with World of Warcraft.

Well, from a recent press release containing an Exhibtor list for the upcoming E3 expo, Auran is set on finally revealing a lot more on what exactly they have been working on. The list has been put up on which mentions...

Game Connect 06 - Jungle Escape and Fury

Game Connect 06 - Jungle Escape and Fury

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Jungle Escape was an entrant in the Best Unsigned Game (Independent) category in the GD:AP awards. The platformer game was developed by the AIE students in Canberra calling themselves Alien Technologies.

Peter Davis also gets a demonstration of Auran's PvP based MMO called "Fury". An Auran personnel runs through the various features of the game.