Auran Games to Hit Australia Soon

PALGN reports that Aussie developer Auran will be shipping a bunch of games to the Australian market early next year. To quote the report:

In February, the publisher will be releasing Trainz Driver, Galactic Civilisations II: Gold Edition, Europa Universalis III and Front Line: Fields of Thunder. Silverfall and Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm will be following in March.

Auran Preview from eGames 06

PALGN has given a comprehensive preview of the action-packed MMORPG Fury, set to hit the market in '07. Having gotten their hands on a build only a few months old at the eGames 06 expo, the impression of the graphics, combat, gameplay and replayability seem high!

Auran Visited for IGN's Developer Friday

As part of the Australian IGN’s new feature, Developer Friday, they flew off to visit Auran’s studios in Brisbane to get the grand tour, and to talk about the state of the gaming industry in Australia, how Auran operates, and about the games that the team there currently have in development.

When questioned on the status of industry in Australia, and if he was concerned about a decline, CO of Auran, Tony Hilliam, had an interesting view of what the future may hold.

Game Systems Designer, Programmers for Auran

Established in 1995, Auran boasts a team of local and internationally experienced developers operating from world-class facilities in sub-tropical Queensland. Temperatures of around 22?C [74F] in winter, a relaxed working environment, creative atmosphere, generous package and great perks - are you ready to move to paradise and join the best games development team in Australia? Yes? Well read on?

Senior Database Engineer for MyVirtualHome

The Senior Software Engineer is primarily responsible for developing high quality server-side database tools, interfaces and management for a web-based enterprise application with a strong C++ client. The project for this position is a distributed home design, building and decorating software package using game technology and targeted at a general audience. This is a long-term project with both the client and server routinely updated every few months.

New Fury Interviews

There are two recent interviews with the dev team over at Auran currently working on Fury for those who are interested in following this Guild Wars-like "CORPG". The first interview over at is heavily focused on Fury's game details, so if you're interested in features and and gameplay specifics, head over to this one..

Fury at RPG Vault

There's a fantastic 3 page article at the RPG Vault on Auran's game in development called Fury. The editors sat down with three Auran developers to get the ins and outs of the Unreal 3 engine powered MMO game.