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  • VEGA Conflict - Arms Race starts 8am AEST 7/5/15

    Thursday, 7 May 2015 - 1:47pm


    Larus is back and he has a new request of you. Details below.

    Good to see you again, Rebels.

    You fought well against VSec and their Ragnarok carriers, but they really can't take a hint. I hear they're already preparing another deployment. Your strategy of "acquiring" VEGA technology has worked so far, but there's nothing like a home-cooked meal.

    My goal is to...

  • VEGA Conflict global launch

    Friday, 1 May 2015 - 8:16am

    Today is a big day for KIXEYE Australia. We’re incredibly proud to share the results of our passionate team with you as VEGA Conflict goes global across mobile platforms.

    VEGA Conflict is the game we wanted to make for so many reasons. The team has a rich pedigree in the RTS genre going back well over a decade, with a bunch of awards in the trophy cabinet. KIXEYE A...

  • VEGA Conflict - Martial Law event starts 8am 27th March

    Thursday, 26 March 2015 - 1:03pm

    Attention Rebels! Martial Law starts in less than 24 hours.
    Watch this transmission for a breakdown on what's to come.

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