Sumea modeller challenge #10 Johnn

Seems the fashion to create a thread before posting content, so here is mine :) Not too confident that I will manage to see the challenge through to the end but I will at least aim to have a well refined concept and supporting illustrations. Beyond that I might dig out my beginners guide to modeling and tinker a little bit if the mood/enthusiasm holds.

I'm kicking around a few concepts in my head already and will post some quick visuals as soon as I have em.

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character 1 is an identity thief who assumes the identity of his victims. His facial features are burnt back providing an ideal base to construct a wide variety of fake features over the top. Calling card... something identity related or possibly an item connected to how he acquired his disfigurements.

character 2 is a sort of 'leader of the pack'. He trains stray (and some not so stray) dogs across the city and uses them as an army of sorts. Current back-story I'm considering is a military animal trainer . potential calling card: dog related (collar, dog whistle, dog tags, choke chain. military related (medal, dog tags of the military kind.)

Still early days with both concepts, I'll flesh out some more back story along the way as I develop the visuals


image at actual size

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wow realy nice drawings man. when i first saw them thought the 1 and 2 were speech bubbles :P

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yeam man nice drawings, what do you use?

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some more thinking-sketching. I'm working up the 'dog pack leader' so see what eventuates.

TopLeft: came out a little too 'shaggy dog' for a super villain.
TopRight: if I can keep the type of head but make him more dog-ish I'd be happy.

Centre: bad-ass punk hair

BottomLeft: WW2 or American civil war style coat mixed with street bum. I'm liking this direction in general.

BottomRight: Attack Dog Training Suit style. not working for me yet... don't know how it could be improved but has nice armour quality.

Thanks for the comments Rolgun & Jiksen, both sketches posted are pencil on paper. It's been ages since I have drawn in my sketchbook!

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looking good man, i like the mullethawk ;)

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Love what you've done with the bottom left and right figures

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Beautiful sketches, and awesome, awesome character designs. I think when it comes to good character design, challengers need to come up with something unique, has plenty of *character*, and is just aesthetically pleasing (the way everything fits together). Anyway, love the concepts!

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thanks for words and flattering feedback, here is the next small progression in the character design. I think I'll settle on these general characteristics and progress to some colour and smaller design details next.

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Finally made it onto the computer to continue refining (reconsidering?) this character... I have started to question where the design was going and have looked back to an earlier design as a possible variation.

I like character '1A' but think '2' matches my original intent better. Any points of view would be helpful with deciding what to proceed with.

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They all look really good but if it was up to personal taste I would say you could do a mixture of 2 of them

For example what I would say dude no.2 with maybe the boots and jacket from 1A would look pretty cool.

By the way also awesome work so far and nice concepts.