Sumea Modeller Challenge #10 _CAD_

Just gotta wrap up some stuff on a previously completed comp and then ill get started on this one, 4 months wow sorta overkill, id better have somethin good with that sorta time frame.

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Argh! im jealous of all the work everyone is already putting up:)

im a bit stretched atm to get to work on this but i finished a previous comp entered another one so as soon as i wrap up the comicon challenge i will be in this, crunchen out concepts and some killer models ASAP

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Yeh, 4 months is plenty of time, even for beginners! That means there's no excuse for not finishing!

It's always been about the quality of the work rather than finishing in a shorter deadline, so I'm hoping to see some really cool stuff.

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Ok so im not dead, i have actually been working i sorta got into a creative slump after doing the comicon challenge at gameartisans, but i have some concepts now and hopefully will be able to crunch out some decent work.

This is Just some early head sketches:
(The image hosting here is really strange so this is the link to the higher res:
Update 1Small

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Here is the Second Update, just screwing around getting the creative juices a flowing :)

Link to Hi res:

Update 2Small

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Update 3

These two characters go by the alias of smoke & mirror, assasins and bank robbers for hire. (Note: i have a backstory for all the characters created im just not going to post them till i have decided which one im doing)

Link to Hi-Res:
Tsumea Update 3Small

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Good to see u kicking in some concepts love the look of your designs keep it up. I like the first set alot but then again the all look awesome.

It looks like your planning on making 2 characters as a team if not correct?

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Nah, Smoke and mirror are a duo but i just couldnt be stuffed putting the last two on individual sheets :)it was late and i was tired :).

as a side note Your comicon entry looked sweet in the end as well man good stuff

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thanks man your final comicon was really top notch as well had a very unique style to it :D

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Thanks Mate, so its on? a comicon rematch :D:D:D.

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Update 5

Zbrushed Up the head of pitbull cause im most attached to that character out of the ones ive done.

Link to hi res:

Update 5Small

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wow thats great very nice

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Thanx Kit 'preciated.

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oh its on now..... nice work so far :P. Defenitely alot of character in this guy CAD, i love the expression on his face really does capture his character :D Nice work so far.

I gotta get onto mineas well, been a bit busy lately though :(

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That looks heaps sick Cad!!!!!! Certainly give Mike Tyson a run for his empty bank account.

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its looking nice but... i think you need to broaden and raise the pecs.

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Thanx Jiksen,

i've progressed quite a bit but in my next update i will try to fix up the pecs

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wow thats looking great

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Thanx kit.

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Update 7

The sculpt is getting there i got to fix up some screwups im only just noticing now, but yea anymore you guys can pick up on let me no, C&C is always more than welcome.

Oh yea and hopefully i fixed up the pecs like jiksen pointed out earlier.

Link to hi-res:

Update 7Small

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*crys for epic*

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Ok i finished my re-topo work on the low poly, and to cure some boredom today i just did a 30 min throwaway texture for the head, let me know wat you guys think.

P.S. please ignore the giant obvious seam

link to hi-res:

Update 8Small

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hehe i just keep saying it "WOW" everytime you post a pic =)

are you going for a mauri look or just a general tat on the face........ oh and by the way theres a big seam lol =)

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hey CAD thats some top notch sculpting you have there. Im a mud box person myself, havent had time to learn Zbrush, and mudbox was closer to the traditional 3d programs that I know.

Anyway thats enough of a tangent. Love your stuff, can't wait to see this guy textured up. Looking forward to the money shot.

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Thanx Kookie

yea i started in mudbox when i first started sculpting a while ago. tried Zbrush (failed the first time :) then came back to it and worked out the crappy shortcuts and stuff and sorta just got used to it, im planning on trying out the new mudbox 'pparently its supposed to be good so ill have to give it a look gotta try and make sure i can use both.

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Thanx kit

lol stupid seam. yea i dont know wat i was going for with that tat, i just sorta threw it on it killed some time, this entire texture i will be getting rid of anyway, ill hopefully revisit the tattoo but we'll see as we go

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wow this is turning out really well, i like ur style!

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Update 9

ok so unwrapped and texturing and its taking me a while i originnally did one pass but my heart wasnt in it so it looked like shit, so i left it for a weekend played force unleashed and came back with a fresh head and this is where im at. still got a lot to do i know there are seams in areas but i will get to painting them out a little later. ive also got to model his weapon and texture it but i will get to that (and the calling card) after ive got the bulk of him done.

as usual C&C is always helpful

link to hi res:

Update 9Small

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Looking pretty sweet to me =)