The Dark Knight *spoilers*

So who's seen it, and what did you think?

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Don't need to see anything else for the rest of the year. Thanks Batman for being awesome! =D

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Yer it was really excellent, great from start to finish :D

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Heath did a great job. It's unfortunate that he will not be able to reprise the role.

and the 'Magic Trick' He did was awesome!

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I think one thing that I needed to get used to straight away was the fast editing that was happening throughout the entire movie. Did anyone else notice this or was it just me? It felt like watching an MTV music video clip for a whole movie.

Many scenes just never had the chance to rest. No time for a rolling camera sequence to show we're jumping to a new location, no time for a shot of that actor reflecting and whatnot, it was straight onto the next scene, then the next. I'm not a director or even know anything about directing, but it felt they were really trying to squeeze things down as much as they could, to the detriment of the movie I think. There was a scene where they were on a luxury boat, and I think that honestly lasted for about 6 seconds total.

I know the movie was two and a half hours long, and if they could take their time with scenes, it could have easily went over 3 hours, but perhaps there were sections of the movie that could've got the chop instead.

Anyway, I loved it. I came in with high expectations, and came away satisfied. Heath was great - the first bit that majorly impressed me was the first camcorder tape that they showed with him and that hostage. His voice acting and laugh was just damn perfect. The guy that played Two Face was also excellent too.

Oh, I had one gripe about the movie. I wish I didn't see the damn trailer where the joker says "Evening, Commissioner". I had assumed that was to Gordon, but in the movie he was dead but I kept wondering why the Joker would say that later on unless he was still alive. :/ So yeah, that surprise was sorta ruined. Oh, another gripe was these godamn teens about 6 rows back making stupid noises and being general asshats. If only they were a bit closer, I woulda got up and yelled at them or something :/

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haha - I suffered the same problem with teens the row right behind me.

And Aaron Eckhart played two-face ... did a good job considering I can't think of a single bit of work he's done that is memorable/likeable.

I agree, it felt like there was way too much crammed into a small time, maybe because it was trying to tell a batman story, and a harvey dent story in the same movie, but separately?

... Who knows, it was damn good anyway !

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I found it really good.
It was quite long though.
But it didn't suffer from a stretched out story IMO.

I had a kid in the row behind me. He was about 10 from what I could tell.

It makes me think about what age should kids be able to watch these kinds of shows?
I suppose I was watching the same kind of things at his age though :)

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I just saw this at IMAX, damn good movie, the Joker was excellent. At first I thought people were just praising Heath Ledgers performance out of sympathy, turns out he really was brilliant. I loved the Jokers mannerisms and sense of humor (The disappearing pencil).

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It was pretty bad.
The Joker was great, but I didn't enjoy all the superhero cliches. I had watched Batman Begins the previous night, and that was very grounded for a superhero movie. I could tell that The Dark Knight was trying to be grounded, while 'taking it up a notch'. The bat cycle was stupid, as were many of the chase sequences. How can Batman fall from a building while holding a woman, land on a car and just get up?

Where did all that explosive come from in order to blow up the hospital?

The ferry scene was a bit of a letdown and the last half seemed very rushed. Dont even get me started on the stupid phone sonars, and Bale's guttural growl, even when it was not warranted.

I'm sorry, if you want your movie to be gritty and realistic, do it that way. This just ended up being a step toward Batman and Robin.

It was just an average superhero movie, I rate Ironman much higher (purely because it wasn't trying to be anything rather than a fun movie with an interesting 'hero').

I am eagerly awaiting Watchmen.

The End.

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Man i dunno if watchmen is going to really do the graphic novel much justice though, the trailers just look like a dull action flick !

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Looks like the movie company purchased an old building (scheduled for demolition?) and blew it up with a lot of camera angles.

Also, seeing the Joker dressed up in the nurses uniform was freaky. lol.

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Can't say I'm looking forward to Watchmen - Zack Snyder (the director) hasn't exactly got a great record of character dramas... 300? Dawn of the Dead?? This is not a good thing.

Although I will confess that the *look* of the movie, from the trailers, is spot on.