Post your findings of awesome small indie / flash games

I'm gonna be posting links of awesome games here that I come across. They could be flash games, interesting casual games, or really creative original indie games. It might serve to inspire other projects for team tsumea as well.

To start off with, this game is *awesome*. A tonne of fun, too.

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Haha icebreaker is really cool :D i liked the swinging hammers

You direct light beams with arrows and to fill up a bar and complete the level :D
its very simple and pretty

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And: - World of Goo. Really hard to go past that one.

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Yeh, it would be perfect if you could use the mini map as a fast way to get around the level. Moving around the map slowly by putting the cursor at the edge of the screen gets a bit cumbersome. Oh, and the sexual moans every time you save a Viking could I could probably do without XD.

That Auditorium game is *awesome*! Not an original idea by any stretch (there are plenty of physics based ones - there's one on the iPhone), but it's executed really well.

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Damn world of goo, i wasted 2 full nights of work cause i got addicted to that game :D

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wasd moves the screen around, not quite fast enough for my liking though.

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Icebreaker was really good. I hope the tsumea teams will be making some things of the same calibre. It looks like that sort of game would be achiveable by a small team within a reasonable time scale, I expect the hardest part would be getting a worthy idea and addictive game play sorted out.

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Heres my submission.

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Here's a great one.

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It has everything.

I think most game designers could learn a lot about storytelling from this one.

(poo is funny)

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Hey, check this game out. It's simple, fairly fun, but the music really makes it. I like how the patterns are synchronised to it as well.

The highest I got the cursor to was 160x (and 87% collected).

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I think we'll have this subthread for the funny / peculiar games :)

Shopping cart hero!!

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Damn, forgot about this thread.

Came across these yesterday

Death vs Monstars

Mofuya Defence

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Ok, this isn't a flash game, but it's browser based!

This guy has managed to convert the old Sierra adventure games (Leisure Suit Larry, Space / Police Quest etc) in javascript for the web. While this is pretty cool in itself, he's done something extra, extra special. As you play online, you can see what others are doing as well! It's actually bizarre and pretty bloody hilarious as well to see dozens of other people using the same character and walking around, trying to figure out the adventure puzzles.

Whole heartedly worth a try :)

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Check this out: Neuroarena
It's the best flash game made so far!

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Check this out, this is brilliant! Looks like a whole lot of fun, and I totally dig the art style. Who said you can't have pleasing aesthetics with absolutely minimal art?

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It's excellent in it's simplicity.

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This is awesome..

It's called Little Wheel. Initially, I thought "looks great, but yet another platformer with black silhouette artstyle?". Thankfully, it's not a platformer. There are some simple (initiatively) puzzles in there that really help tell the story, and it really is perfect for something like the iPhone (if they haven't made it for it already).

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Hehe check out this cute little game. Keep playing, because it gets cooler as you progress.