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When I add new members, there's currently no way of letting visitors know who just came on board - I'll be changing this soon (requires a database change), but in the meantime, I'll cover some of the new guys here..

Eagor's a new member, an AIE guy, and has a website at .. check out his updates when he makes it at

I'm sure most of you would have checked out Tariq's illustration from the main page - it looks amazing..(I'm a big fan of Hajime Sorayama's chrome female robot work, and I love Tariq's picture). Tariq's from Microforte, and you can see his details at .. Definately looking forward to seeing his other work!

You might have seen Rodney Green make a few posts on the main page - he's the Art and Technical Supervisor at Infogrames Studios Asia, and has a webpage at, and a profile at .. great to have him on board.

Check out Mick (Samon) at .. download his mp3. It's very good, and definately suited for fragging to. [:)]

Bastion is a designer, concept artist and his profile is at .. check out his website - some really great work there.

I think that's the most recent additions.. Definately a lot of impressive talent on Sumea, and it's certainly very inspiring to see all the great art on here.

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Wow, cool, I'm glad to see that some real *professional* game dev types visit these forums :-) IMO it raises the status of this site above the masses somewhat.

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There's always been a fair few industry people lurking around on this site and forum. They're just very shy I guess. [;)]..

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Either that or:
a) They are scared that if they show their face on these forums they will get a flood of resumes and job applications.
b) They're too busy to bother registering and attending to this forum regularly.
c) They only go here between working and playing networked computer games in the office.

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I'm beating everyone I know in the industry to check out Sumea so hopefully some will crumble [:)].

Hey guys, I've got a question, I've been meaning to write up some of my knowledge (tutorial or briefs) I've learnt over the years but I'm not really sure where to start (there's enough general polygon and texturing tutorials on the web) so I was wondering what people wanted to know? I can't say I'm the guru on all things art but if there's a topic that people particularly want some help or info on let me know and I'll see what I can do. I have a better then average technical art skill so don't be shy there common make it as technical as possible... maybe this should go into a separate thread?



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check your other thread :)

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Meatex and Myself will be AIE guys for the next couple of years. Do you know the real name of the guy at AIE, maybe we'll meet him (No pressure, if he doesn't want to reveal it then fine, just tell him that two n00b 3d animators will be showing up to the AIE next year for the day course (or he could read it himself (too many brackets)))

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"Do you know the real name of the guy at AIE"
Theres only 1? :)
CYer, Blitz

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His website says his name is Peter Gillespie..