Five sequels

I saw an intriguing question posted elsewhere, but I'm curious. If you had a bajillion dollars, what 5 game sequels would you develop?

For me, it would be:

Clive Bakers Undying - such a well made game that genuinely scared the holy crap out of me at points.
Bruce Lee - the Commodore 64 classic. It would be an awesome co-op platformer game.
Exploding Fist - I'd go the Street Fighter II route with it or a Double Dragon / Final Fight beat-em up in 3D.
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - I think there's a Wolfenstein sequel underway anyway, but an update of the multiplayer game would be awesome. I'd like it in the Call of Duty vein though, rather than the aircrafts/vehicles/larger areas/displacables/shoot at dots that Quake Wars was. Just nitty gritty close quartered team orientated combat on memorable maps like Fuel Dump etc.

and finally, Elite: Frontier - David Braben has been taking his sweet ass time with a sequel, and technology has had a massive leap since Elite: Frontier was released over a decade and a half ago. I don't wanna play an MMO like Eve :[

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hahah - i'm hardly surprised Duke Nukem didn't make the list ;)

almost everything i can think of already HAS A sequel ... *sigh* and lots of the sequels SUCK.

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Duke Nukem 3D came out in 1996, which was roughly when I got my first PC (I held onto my Amiga 500 and 1200 for way too long!), and I mainly used it for college. It was pretty underpowered for 3D games, so I missed most of PC gaming until about 98 and 99 when Starcraft and Counterstrike came about. So yeh, I bypassed all the Duke Nukem hooplah. I've still never played it so I don't even know what made it so popular.

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Jill of the jungle reborn X 1000
Epic win

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yay i remember that from back in the days of 'shareware' catalogs and things like that. Craziness !

But haven't we kind of already got a spritual progeny of that in Tomb Raider ? Well, i suppose not quite ...

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'im gunna kick you in the nuts' and 'i've heard you ain't been getting nun? (to a nun in bondage gear)

.... thats what i liked about the duke nukem series.... freakin most fun multiplayer ever..

...with an idle animation that where he checks him self out every time you stand in front of a mirror..

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Jet Set Willy
Manic Mansion
Smash TV

Hell yeah Souri.

Amiga 1200 brings good memories.

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the sequel to Maniac Mansion was called Day of the Tentacle.

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Oh k thanks i didn't know that! I'll need to get an emulator happening.

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woops Jet Set Willy/maniac mansion etc was me

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yea and the whole morphing into animals/creatures is done nowadays as well, but its not THE jill XD

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Sadly most things I know already have a sequel. If I had a bajillion dollars I'd start a company and make my own IP, why bother with a sequel when it's going to come out one day anyway.

For reference: I miss Busby and Donkey Kong who hasn't had a "real" sequel since DK64.

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Here's one wish come true for you Souri :P

"Ultimate Bruce Lee is a remake of the Commodore 64 platformer with updated graphics, new gameplay modes, unlockable extras, and the original 1984 release recreated faithfully to please fans of all things retro."

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I wish there were 5 sequels to the Neverhood.

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I'd like to see:

Paradroid - robots are just awesome fun, would love to see the robots in full, rather than just the number designation shown on the C64 (as a kid it was easy enough to imagine them all, though)

R-Type - I'd like a combat flight sim game, with all of the power-ups and landscapes included.

Turrican - in the style of GoW, mebbe.

Wizball - this was such an original game, I don't know how I'd like to see this done... maybe just update it with lovely 3D.

Operation Wolf/Thunderbolt - Lost many coins to this beastie as a kid, lotsa fast paced machine action with no letting-up.


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