comments from the AGDC

some random quotes not in full context

John Passfield (krome) denied that they will be making a game called 'chooka the occa chook'

Graham Edelsten (CEO Auran) regets not getting to make darkreign2

Raymond Muzyka (bioware) is enjoying australia and does read

John De Margheriti (Microforte) is very happy with 'bigworld' tech, and listed some interesting korean online games ;_;

and 'melodie mars' won the unsigned games (Wicked witch software). a music based FPS which also had surface dependant gravity (fly close enough to a wall and you would turn around to stand on it, makes for interesting levels)

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Actually, why didn't they get to do Dark Reign 2? Did Auran create Dark Reign 1, or was it someone else's intellectual property?

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They probably had to sell the IP rights to the game to the publisher, which is unforunate but it happens, especially with startups.

I'm not sure with that though.

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auran very much made 'darkreign' 1, it had a slew of original features and beautifully ballanced as well as a good story, and i though it sold quite well. Pandemic made darkreign2 which was a lot less sucessful (but in full 3d)

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Graham Edelsten (CEO Auran): Coem work for me if your company fails O_o

I played poker with a Tarot deck the other night. I got a full house and four people died.

--Steven Wright.