Sumea Challenge #7 - tojo - Challenger #17

early days... i am going for the heavy

crudely put him in an action pose to see how the mesh was gearing up for animation

at the moment he is sitting at 2500 tris ...

bring on the feedback... good or bad .. i want it all [B)]

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

Wizenedoldman's picture

Good start Tojo, no concept to show though? First thing that stands out for me is the dudes neck, looks way too thick and I'd pull his throat back too. Interesting way that you've modelled him too, in segments like that, I imagine you'll weld him all together when you need to.

He's got a good solid weighty look to him, makes him look well planted to the ground. Can we get a front on pic of his face and maybe some wires? Looks like he has butt implants ;)

tojo's picture

thaks for the comments Wizen i agree with you on the neck... although probably wont pull it back until i am sure on this guys size.. may make him even more stupidly bigger

he is all made from primitives.. hence the tight butt..

[img] [/img]

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ok.. the model is finished and has been unwrapped..
pretty happy so far..

got to get into the texture now

[img] [/img]

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Man, that looks great! Texturing it looks like it will be fun.


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Love it Tojo, the propertions are nice and meaty!
Reminds me of the dude from RE4 (Krauser?)

bring on the TEXTURE!!

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lol youve made it look so effortless dude, well done. Allthough as an actual wearer of berets (i love hats :P ) is say bring the rim of the hat down a bit on his head, maybe it's just the angle but it looks like its barely sitting on there.

animal's picture

Hi Tojo, great model. The face reminded me of Malcom (from UT200X), especially with the beret. Sorry, had to say it. You might wanna even out the sizes of the different parts of the uv map. So they all get equal pixel space, and you wont get parts that look blurry against parts that look sharper when the texture is on the model.

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Man that is a cool mesh. It looks like it has volume and weight.

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thanks dudes..

i think you are right about the beret moonunit.. ill squash it down some.

animal - looks heaps like the guy outa unreal now that i have started my texture.... just nowhere as good

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here is my big tuff hard ass character..

i have worked on him all weekend solid.. and i am a bit over it..

am happy with it.. although.. ran out of tweak time..

he weighs in at 3480 tris.. and i have used no photosourcing..

didnt have time to push him into ut4 .. probably will later on in the week if i can..

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

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Good job it looks sick Tojo, came together good :)


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truly awesome man, love the whole bulky feel about it and that beret came off tops. i gotta ask though, whats with the section around his mouth that makes it look like it came from a seperate uv map? theres a drastic change in tone and such

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great work tojo, a nice model brought out by some brilliant textures. the glow on the face is particularly impressive. all round its a very refined model. good luck

tojo's picture

cheers moony..

i am not sure what you are talking about..

i imagine it is his facial hair? ?? are you talking about his stubble? ??

he has a 5 o'clock shadow from kicking ass all day..

cant be a hardass without the shadow!

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Well done, you're challenger #17!

MoonUnit's picture

below the left and right corners of his mouth theres small circular like patches of skin which arent in the same tone as the areas around them.

tojo's picture

yes.. they are the bald patches of the beard... and i have done them in a slightly illustrative way..

that is why they may seem out of place..but it was intentional.. i always strive for a round about 85% realism..

they perhaps could have been blurred in a bit more.. but that is kinda just my style..

i actually really rushed the texture.. especially the face.. it was something that i was meant to polish a little more before submission..

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heh i wouldnt worry, the textures actually pretty solid its just that bit that confused me. the face especially is tops otherwise (that glow!)

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Wow, awesome textures man, definitely one of favourite entries in the comp.

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cheers dude... i kinda needed another day to bring the best out of the textures.. but am happy all the same

before the competition started i had planned on modeling a fantasy hero.. big sword and all... so i might use this guys base model to start on that ..

not a big fan of sci-fi so it was good to do this challenge..