Character Developement

Hey guys!
It's been a while since I last posted anything .It's been a really busy time with final pieces for school and such but hopefully you will see some more stuff over the break.

This was my Money Shot render for the character I had to produce and animate and there are also some sketches and such of her which I will add a little later.

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Skyla's picture

Cool! Does she have strange feet or long socks?
I like the character, although I hate low ride pants/undies and bellies showing on female characters for no reason. Does she have a story about her choice of clothes?

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This character is a cross between a bashee and a nimph. She lures people from reality and steels their souls . But that is why she dresses so provocatively.
I also tried to give her a sense of culture through her attire and physical appearance eg. the feet.

Thanks for the comments too it helps alot!