Sumea modeller challenge 10 - Neffy

My character is a computer hacker she steals ur moneys >.>
Shes known as Dragonfly and her calling card is a animated gif of a dragonfly carrying away bags of coins or something

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hovering laptop =D

I think Ive made her too gothic punk and she needs a bit more cyber girl in her.

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Hehe, neat character :D

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maybe some goggles or something a bit more futuristic, like a wrist band thing that has a 3D display screen come from it

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Pretty ingenious calling card, actually! Very appropriate and fits her criminal activity perfectly.

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its kinda similar to ghost in the shell :(

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Not that similar to GITS - if you want to un-goth her a bit keep the tall boots but stick some sneaker-like designs on them. Maybe some patch cords in her hair (hehe... I is an old-skool William Gibson cyberpunk ;))?

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thats relieving :3 I thought the concept was similar to the laughing man even tho I only sorta saw 1 or so episodes. I really like the patch cord idea I might try incorporate it into her outfit :D Thanks !!

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A paint test for the face :)

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trying to get a bit of scribbling in before i start playing wow each night

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Haha, tell me about it... darn warcraft. I like this new drawing! Is that dreadlocks?

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I like the 2nd face that uve put forward for your girl, really feels like an Aztec paint scheme with those straight lines.
Its taken you away from the goth feel which i find it used a lot these days or mistaken for emo >_>

the colours fit as well since a quick search on wiki shows they used turquoise a lot. Oh and a lot of gold according to El Dorado =D

Keep up with the ideas, your heading in a direction im interested in seeing.

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Sevendust: I got hooked on the triple xp deal ! paying twice and duel boxing oh my :(
no dreads or if there are they are fake, quite alot of image searching reaveled these peeps like to hang plastic, ribbons, ropes and tubey things in there hair !

Anonymous: I wasnt really going for aztec, more circit board tats she has a dragonfly tag/user name so i sampled colorus from this breed of them

pretty happy with the outfit now going to go with this and change as I go if I dont like something.

attention level dropping XD

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your designs lookin pretty sweet neffy, keep it up!

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I adore her! She's absolutely beautiful, and the outfit! *swoon*

I understand the hair now, very neat.

P.s, on the Warcraft note. Triple XP had me caught up for awhile there too.. I was levelling one of my boyfriend's characters and his friend's.. it's so sweet - and addictive. I wanted to dual box an account so I could finish some of my chars, but I know I really should be doing something better with my time (like this challenge, hehe). Besides, I have too many characters as it is... over 3 years I've clocked up 6 70's and 4 60's, so I have my hands full with them as it is. Bad thing about wow is you're never happy with what you've got, always need more.... *insert dorky bliz employee cackling and snorting*

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Thank you !!!

6 70s THATS INSANE lol ! you must have like one of each class 0.0 Ive only got 1 70 (Troll hunter), then 2 60s (Warlock, hunter)and now 3 lvl 40s (hunter, shamman, warlock) XD big hunter fan !! I love pets and totems are so cute especially cause its a draenie !

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I have said this to you before love your work.Your designs are great.

Glad you are enjoying yourself at redtribe.. I was worried about you after that rocky start.

Anyway I believe you know who I am. Keep up the good work.

Also not sure about the fishnets might make her look too skanky.

Love the tats though. You could almost make them indented scar tats with your normal mapping.

see you around

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Hey how are you....Just wondering were your at with you entry.

Anyway happy Birthday as well.

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Thankyou :)

Ill be picking my entry up after I finish Unearthly challenge.

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I like your design Neffy :) I'm a big fan of that style of clothing, and I love the circuit board tat on her face.

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Wow Neffy that is looking great, I like the style you went with it very cool. The circuit board tattoo on her face looks cool as well:P cant wait to see more.

Also good luck with Unearthly challenge, I was gonna join it but I am not very good at environment art :(.

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Ive started working on my model during lunch :P

here is a base mesh

Any anatomical errors you can see let me know ! that would be super cool.

Atm I don't really like her hips and the chest still feels a bit funny but its getting closer (p.s she has a "bra" on, can you tell or do they look not bra supported?) =/

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I like it so far, im not 100% sure but i think that the legs may be a tad short, theres just something abou t the proportions in the legs thats a little off-putting and in your concept it looks like she is a lot thinner through the midsection and has wider hips,but its still early in modelling so im looking forward to seeing more

P.S. can we see a wire frame :)

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Yea the legs are being difficult haha XD

Wire frame this time just for you :P

oh and its at umm 2500ish tris now i think 0.o

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Update on my progress

oh wait ... shit >_<

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Thank you, nice layout of polygons very clean, looking forward to more.

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haha nice work neffy XD, i'm stuck with the same problem

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So did you actually go into work on the Friday. I know quiet a few people within the games industry were sick or took there RDO or there time in lui. I am actually staying away from mmo for a couple of months. Catching up on quiet a few games I haven't got round to playing.... Since the time WoW stole my soul. Anyway your model yeah not going to comment as yet because its still in the meshing out stage of proportions unless they are the proportions your going with.

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I went to the midnight launch ^_^ Ive slacked off tho only lvl 72

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Very neat topology with a nice amount of tris, can't wait to see the rest.