tsumea modeller challenge 10 - Tojo

ok .. i think i have an idea.

my guy's name is going to be presto.. he will be a vaudeville magician / prestidigitator and illusionist.

his calling card will be a magic trick, a tarot card or rabbit or something.

and i will take reference from moulin rouge and carnivale

his suit will be a latex/ modern batmanish material but will draw from the genres mentioned.. ie.. will probably be purple pinstriped... with 1890's vest or something

he will probably have flaming red hair which curls around on either side (a bit like wolverines).. a middle part, and a strong man mustache..

... two rose cicles on his cheeks maybe a bit like the 'saw' puppet dude .... and probably eye liner..

maybe a coat with tales


tojo's picture

umm.. i changed my mind

im going to do a guy called 'pestilance'

who is a pest control guy, who spreads disease through insects and the like..

he will kinda spray them out of a backpack fitted with some sort of propellant canister/bug catcher tank on his back through a nozzle and hose..