Sumea Challenge #7 - goodgod - Challenger #11


Yeah I'll take part.

My first concept sketches for this challenge, what do you think?
I'll add the glowy bits later.

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judging by your entry last comp this should be pretty good. the only thing i'd suggest is a bit more variation in the suit so that its less symetrical. thats all though, i'm looking forward to seeing it in 3d.

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awesome work, that has a great sense of charcter to it especially the face. The sense of weight is very nice, seems a bit bland at the moment but i'm sure the texturing should add the necessary detail. looking forward to more progress

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Hey, that's looking very nice. He looks a little bit stunted in height, but otherwise a very cool model!

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Great looking model and neat work with the head. After seeing your previous challenge I'm looking forward to the texture.


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Looks great, really like the face.

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Alright, this is my texture so far. The colour scheme isn?t final but I don?t have much free time to spend on this project so I?m just going to have to do my best to getting it finished. Crits are very welcome as I need some more direction. Thank you.

Insert Image: [img]

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looking pretty awesome, can't wait for the final, only cir would be a little bit more contrast but that ought to come eventually anyway

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the ornate armour was right out of left field for me! but it look very good and is working well - I think the direction you are travelling now is just fine :)

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Well done, you're challenger #11! (if you want to edit your post to add a money shot, you can, but you have till 12 EST)

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Gratz! Great job! that money shot is on the money :)

I really dig the pose of this character. I have to ask, is that your face? (i sometimes do that, cheaper than subscribing to 3dSK ;) )
Congrats again.


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top work as allways, that head is really something!

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Oops, I made the image too big, and yeah it has some resemblance but only a tiny bit because I only have my self to refer to most of the time, and I?m a bit stingy with money.

Souri, I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge so I?d like to say thank you for making it possible, and I am pretty sure, I wouldn?t have the 3d modelling skills that I have today if it wasn?t for these challenges. So any way, should I change the image size to 800x600?

oh yeah sould I have the poly count and texure size on the money shot?

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My Favourite by far - excellent job goodgod [:)]

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awesome work, i think you'll certainly be in with a good shot at clinching this one (which is deserving considering how close you were last time). once again yours is my fave, a great model and some brilliant texturing, overall its a very clean design that you executed brilliantly.

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This is brilliant, I love all those different textures you've done, really professional stuff. I can definitely see this entry winning the comp, it's definately my number one pick.

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hey dude... just want to say nice work..

yours was my personal favourite last time round... and same this challenge..

really tidy texturing... and a well balanced model... my only crit is that perhaps the armour looks a bit flat in areas and the rivots kinda make it look a bit retro .... not sure if that was what you were going for...

but overall it looks great and really is a pro effort..

thumbs up[:)]