Ashleigh F.

  • Goombella - Super Mario Odyssey

    Tuesday, 30 January 2018 - 7:10pm

    I thought Super Mario Odyssey looked amazing so I wanted to try to replicate it with Goombella!
    She's got a hat for that extra defence, she loves exploring and learning, could totally imagine an alternate reality where she was in game.

    I modelled her in Maya and did the materials/textures in Quixel, renders are from 3DO.

  • Tumblebot - Loopdeloop

    Tuesday, 30 January 2018 - 6:58pm

    Did this for the Loopdeloop bi-monthly challenge back in... 2016?
    The theme was "Tumble".

    I modelled, rigged and animated this in Maya, textured with Photoshop.

  • Monster Girls - Daily Drawings

    Tuesday, 30 January 2018 - 6:41pm

    I did a series of generated monster girl prompts everyday for about a month.
    This is the generator I used:
    It was pretty fun.
    I rarely update my Tsumea, so if you'd like to keep up with my work I'm most active on Twitter @APFaloon.

    These are my t...

From: Australia
Gender: Female
Occupation: Artist