Virtual Mechanix

Bizarre Creations closes

Bizarre Creations, the UK developer behind classics like Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars, and Wiz 'n' Liz (for the more crustier gamers amongst us), has closed. The following video by a Bizarre Creation's trailer editor was released shortly after as a fond farewell and a dedication to all of the talented men and women at Bizarre Creations...

Virtual Mechanix feature at VFXWorld

If you've every played Racing Evoluzione / Apex or Project Gotham Racing 2, 3 and 4, then you've undoubtely seen the marvellous work of Brisbane based vehicle outsource company, Virtual Mechanix. VFXWorld have a huge feature up on Virtual Mechanix, a company which founder Chris Wise likens to as a "virtual studio", since many of its employees are placed all around the globe and communicate with each other online.

Physics Programmers for Virtual Mechanix

Virtual Mechanix is currently looking for applications and expressions of interest from experienced physics programmers from within the games or simulation industries. We will also consider applications from University graduates without prior industry experience.

If you possess the following attributes, we?d love to hear from you?

IGN Interviews Chris Wise from Virtual Mechanix

IGN caught up with Chris Wise, founder of Virtual Mechanix, to chat about who they are, what they do, and their thoughts on their profession. In case you didn't know, Virtual Mechanix is a world class outsource company based in the Sunshine Coast that specializes in producing high quality vehicles for companies such as Bizarre Creations and their Project Gotham Racing Titles. Chris reveals some details on their working relationship with Bizarre, as well as their outsourcing business and what it takes to produce those fantastic looking cars for the next-gen consoles....

Car Modellers, Lead Programmer for Virtual Mechanix

Virtual Mechanix has built a solid foundation over the past few years as a supplier of 3D vehicle content to some of the leading driving game developers worldwide, including the upcoming Xbox 360 title - Project Gotham Racing 3 (Bizarre Creations/Microsoft Game Studios).

While continuing on with our regular line of work, we are also venturing into our own game development and therefore require an experienced lead programmer.