tripitaka art


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While not everything's really anatomically correct, and it doesn't appear this was your objective, your work captures a certain 'life' and emotion that's quite endearing. Keep it up.

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thank you!

you probably dont know how much it means to me to have someone appreciate and comment my work. I've been posting up my work in forums here and there for awhile now but i never really get any feedback. You are the first person to give me a good comment or any comment at that.

thank you and i will keep at it

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Dude, are you kidding. You stuff is excellent! I agree that some of the anatomy is not perfect on all you stuff, but your style does not require it. I really like the feel of your sketches, especially the Rhino and Minigun guy. Don't stop the music dude! ;)

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thanks tim!

very much appreciated. its great to know that im heading in the right direction.

ps being a big fan of tf2, i love thos custom items u've created.