Tauren Hunter model

Greetings guys, this is my latest 3d model referenced from a toy design from the WOW universe. The character is called Korg HighMountain, I'm sure many of you who plays WOW would recognize him in some form. I really love the concept art and design of the creature so I went with a more realistic and gritty approach in textures and modeling. The model has 12k polygons including all the amours and accessories. Two 2k * 2k texture layouts, each consists of Diffusemap, Normalmap, CavityMap, Ambient Occlusionmap, Specularmap and Alphamap for furs. The high res model was sculpted in Zbrush 3.1 and refined in Maya, finally rendered in Mental ray. Please feel free to criticize and comments will be appreciated. Cheers