Some samples of my work. Looking for a job in Brisbane :)


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you rock,that human head looks amazing. can i ask how long you've been doing 3d for this stuff is really cool it would of taken you ages.

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Awesome work, man. I don't think you'll have much trouble finding work in Brisbane!

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Thanks guys :) I think I've been doing 3d seriously for about 5 years now.

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Really nice work!

If you have trouble finding a job (which I'm sure you won't). You could always try indie game development.

Some mates and I have started our own company and currently doing work for hire etc. We do it all for free, but things are looking on the up and up, so hopefully that could change soon :). http://www.abberant.com.au if you are interested...

If not - best of luck, hope to see you around the brisbane game dev scene soon!

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some (ok, all) fantastic work there mate, well done! Seeing work of that calibre always reminds me how much I still have yet to learn...

Nice to see some great 40k models in there as well. I'm trying to do some 40k stuff as well (nowhere near that detailed just yet), as it's familiar, therefore good learning material for me.

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Thanks for all the compliments guys :)

Abberant man - I actually already sent an email haha. Thanks for the heads up though. If I can't find a job maybe I'll send another email your way :)

Zoid - Thanks ;) Glad you like the 40k stuff, it's my favorite universe to draw inspiration from. As you can probably tell it's my dream to work on a Space Hulk game :D

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Hah, crazy. Bet you didn't know we don't pay yet!