Game Character

3D model for a game character I will be importing into UT3 engine, will post animation sequences soon.
Please comment.


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I think it looks quite good.
How many triangles are characters normally made up of in UT3?
Also, have you heard of the "Joan of Arc" tutorial?
I got about half way through that before giving up.
I'm not a professional artist though.
Anyway, it taught me a lot about 3D modelling etc.

Just a quick question, what program did you use to model this character and how long did it take?

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Hi griever,
thanks, glad you like it.

As for ut3's poly count limits thats a pretty tricky question.
This forumn can explain a lot more than I can in one post.
But generally I would say between 6,000 and 12,000 triangles.

I just saw that joan of arc tutorial it's pretty good, i learnt off similar but not as in depth as that one.

I used Maya for modeling and Photoshop for texturing and it probably took me 2 days of concept drawings, 2 days modeling and 2 days texturing so not too long but it's not overly complicated either.